Supporting Students

If you are currently in school and facing an unexpected pregnancy, we understand that there are a number of unique challenges you might be facing. From wondering how you’ll tell your parents, to worrying whether you’ll be able to finish school, Birthright is here to support you through every step of the process. We provide a safe, judgment-free space for you to process what you’re feeling and help you figure out next steps. There’s no rush, and no pressure to choose one thing or another.

What if I’m not ready to tell anyone?

Services at Birthright are completely confidential. While we welcome you to bring someone you trust along to your appointment to support you, you are by no means required. At Birthright, you’ll receive pregnancy testing and a peer consultation without anyone knowing you stepped through our doors.

I don’t have insurance, or I’m still on my parent’s insurance and I don’t want them to know yet.

If you come to Birthright, you won’t have to worry about insurance, because our services are completely free of charge. If you think you might be pregnant or need help understanding your options, Birthright is here to support you and provide you with the information you need.

Empowered. Informed. You. Birthright offers services to students in order to inform and empower them on all their options when faced with unexpected pregnancy. If you’re still in school and don’t know what to do next, our staff can help. Make an appointment today, and then click on your school from the options below to get directions to our center.

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