Options Consultation

At Birthright, we know that the prospect of an unexpected pregnancy can be overwhelming, and trying to figure out what to do next can be even more so. That’s why we offer an options consultation free of charge to anyone facing an unexpected pregnancy.

What is an Options Consultation?

An options consultation connects you with a qualified member of our staff to discuss the options you have when facing an unexpected pregnancy: abortion, adoption, and parenting. We will listen to the fears and concerns you have, provide you with accurate and up-to-date information, and give you the time you need to process and make the best decision possible for you.

Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

Yes, of course! If there is someone you want with you during your options consultation, we absolutely encourage you to bring them along. Emotional support is an important part of this process and we are always glad to see it, whether from the father, a family member, or a friend. They are welcome to join you as long as you are comfortable having them with you.

I don’t want to be pressured into my decision.

One of the reasons we offer an options consultation is because there are so many opinions wrapped around an unexpected pregnancy. There are the opinions of your family, friends, and even people you don’t know very well. An options consultation provides you with a safe place to think through all of your options. You will be given plenty of time to figure out what you think.  At no point during the options consultation process will you be rushed or pressured to make a decision.

An unexpected pregnancy can be a difficult situation for everyone involved. Birthright is committed to lessening those difficulties by providing resources like free pregnancy testing, a variety of resources and a secure place to discuss your options without judgment or pressure. Realize your potential and Schedule an appointment for your options consultation today.